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Whether you like it or not, your teeth have a huge impact on both your appearance and quality of life. If you have missing teeth — or old dentures for that matter, then smiling for a photo can feel really embarrassing.

Feeling good and looking good are often one and the same. And missing teeth, or uncomfortable dentures, do not help with this. That’s why David Rozek has spent the past 20 years refining the art of making and fitting high quality dental prosthetics.

And it’s why, today, if you book a free New Smile Consultation with us, we promise that you’ll dramatically improve the way you look and feel.

Acrylic Dentures Guildford

Are you looking for quality acrylic dentures that you can afford in the Guildford area? If so, then David’s Dentures is the place you’ve been looking for. We make all our dentures right here in our acrylic denture clinic in Guildford. And because we don’t have to outsource our dentures we can pass the savings onto our customers.

David has been making dentures for over 17 years, which makes us the premium acrylic denture specialists in Guildford. This means that you can rest easy knowing that the dentures he makes for you will not only look great but will be comfortable for you to wear as well.

What Are Acrylic Dentures?

Acrylic dentures are crafted from an acrylic resin to closely resemble your natural teeth. They are then bonded onto either an acrylic or metal plate that will fit comfortably into your mouth and hold your dentures in place.

The fact that they’re made from acrylic means they’re very competitively priced and are also a much more affordable option compared to implants and bridges.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a partial acrylic denture to replace one or more teeth or a full set, we can custom make them for you right here in Guildford.

Acrylic Denture Repairs

In our Guildford clinic we can also repair your current dentures because, let’s face it, accidents do happen. We also offer a denture reline service to make sure your dentures continue to fit you perfectly over time.

Our Services

In our Guildford clinic, we make and repair acrylic dentures. We can make partial dentures to replace just one or more teeth and we can also easily create a full set of dentures for you. But before we do anything, we’ll sit down with you for a free 30-minute chat to ensure that we’re going to give you exactly what you need.

We call this our new smile consultation and we think you’re going to love it.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At David’s Dentures we’re so confident that you’re going to be delighted with your new dentures, that we offer a replacement guarantee totally free of charge. And if you’re still not happy, we’ll refund your money.

We can make this promise to you because we just know that you’re going to love your new smile.

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David’s Dentures is located at 2 Cross Street, Guildford where you’ll find easy on-site parking and wheelchair access. You can call us on 9412 4469 or send an email to drozekdp@gmail.com

So if you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing missing or broken teeth, or worse still, you’re on a soup diet because you find it too hard to chew regular food, come and see us today. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

David’s Denture Clinic specialises in acrylic denturespartial dentures and flexible dentures in our Guildford denture clinic.

Look Great. Eat Well. Feel Confident.

Missing teeth or poorly fitting dentures affect your quality of life not just in terms of how you feel about your smile, but because they can make it difficult to enjoy food. So our mission is simple: We aim to make you feel more confident about your smile AND improve your ability to chew and enjoy food!

We do that by either filling in any gaps you may have in your mouth…or by creating a completely new set of dentures. Whether you are more concerned about the physical fit or cosmetic side of improving your teeth, David Rozek is hands down one of the most focused and pedantic dental prosthetists you’ll find in Sydney.

Dentures So Good They’re Virtually Indistinguishable From Real Teeth

If you’re serious about improving — or even reinventing — your teeth, then there’s never been a better time to do it.

Modern dental prosthetic technology and colour matching means you can barely or wont be able to tell the difference between real teeth and dentures.
And with David Rozek doing the work for you, you can be sure you have one of  the most experienced and renowned denture specialist in Sydney making sure you get a HUGE improvement in your quality of life for a fair and affordable price.

Our 100% Repair, Replace, Refund Guarantee

If you do choose David to make or fix your dentures, we guarantee satisfaction. That means if there is any problem whatsoever with the work, David will repair, replace or refund until you’re 100% happy. That’s how confident we are in our work. Get in touch now and see for yourself!


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